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The Nazro award recognizes long term, dedicated service to the Club. *

1973       Dr. William Tschumy

1974       Alex H. Shepard

1975       William A. Southwell

1976       William R. Chiles

1977       Maxey Mayo

1978       Jay T. Colburn

1979       Floyd H. Hollister

1980       Richard & Jane Leavitt

1981       Marion Backstrom

1982       Zack M. Troxel, Jr.

1983       Wayne Bradford & Sandy Shaw

1984       Ronald & Dorothy Bisset

1985       Dave Fitch

1986       John Carrell

1987       Leslie & Ernie Maynard

1988       Ray Olds

1989       Gene Malone

1990       Chris & Kendra Favors

1991       Frank Feigert

1992       John Harris

1993       Bob Border

1994       Ed J. Murphy

1995       Randall Massey

1996       Marion Backstrom

1997       Jay Colburn

1998       John Finks

1999       Kent & Marilyn Goldsmith

2000       David Patterson

2001       Jon Pomeroy

2002       Jim & Pam Hancock

2003       Martha Carroll

2004       David & Debbie Butler

2005       Sherry & Randall Massey

2006       Dave Joiner

2007       John Horwedel

2008       Emmett Stoker

2009       Chance Beck

2010       Frank Cerralvo

2011       Bob Johnson

2012       Michelle & Darrin Ditmer

2013       Kristin Lyon

2014       Darrin Ditmer

2015       David Patterson & Randall Massey

2016 Kelly Holmes Moon

2017 David Meek

* Arthur P. Nazro was a DCYC charter member, past DCYC Commodore, tireless race committee head and Commodore of the Texas Yachting Association until his death. An intrepid yachtsman, he devoted his life to the sport of yachting and sailboat racing This award is presented at the annual membership meeting in November to the member (or couple) who has provided long-term service to DCYC. The Board of Governors selects the recipient. The actual selection method has varied over the years and seems to be the choice of the current Commodore. Regardless, the voting is by secret ballot of the Board, with the recipient required to get a majority vote. Only the Commodore knows the outcome until the annual meeting presentation.

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